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                                         The only gift is a portion of thyself.

                                                             - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mini America Enterprises

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Whereas, the purpose of this site is to first and foremost introduce The Mini America project to investors, we also want to welcome individuals who are interested in our rich history as well as the challenges of tomorrow and who want to be involved.  

Therefore, we welcome any donation, whether it is time or money, as this will support and fund our programs and allow us to engage all Americans, and invite them to participate in shaping the future of our great nation.

Beyond entertainment and education, we aspire to transform all who are interested and involved, to understand the limited resources available on this planet and the importance of a green change philosophy. This includes the pioneering of a sustainable lifestyle encapsulated in the spirit of America.

In addition, our core mission is to impact America, by presenting the notion that BIG ideas can be found in small places ™, and that ideas are paramount to the growth of our economy. The ‘We Dream Together’ Campaign is geared towards entrepreneurship and creating jobs.

Mini America Development, LLC is registered with the Secretary of State in Georgia and has an extremely experienced and ethical Board of Trustees, focused on this project and passionate about the USA.

We are interested in individuals, corporations, associations, foundations, clubs and other organized entities who want to invest and make a difference in America today by participating in our venture.

YES, I want to support Mini America: Please contact us to find out how you can assist us and or make a contribution online. Possibly you have heard of 'Crowdfunding' which allows you to make a donation, select from a specific level and receive a special gift.

You can do the same for Mini America and we hope you will support us and help us grow our business.

We have created a very unique slogan, entitled "its All About U.S. (Tm) and created a website where you'll find the first Crowfunding products. Here you select what amount you want to 'Crowdfund' as well as what item(s) you are interested in. This site was especially made for these useful and or customized products: 

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