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The Holland America Chamber participates in several projects to enhance the local community, help local and international business prosper, and promote the local area and businesses.

We offer a number of ways to work together that suit your objectives, timeline and budget. You may choose by the hour, by the project or even result based. In addition, find out more about our most recent services: Virtual Export Director. No need to have someone permanently on the payroll.

Global Assessment 

We discuss and evaluate what countries and markets you currently service and/or should target.

The Export Plan 

Based on our global assessment results, we create a comprehensive plan on how to export and what markets to approach.

International Marketing Plan

We evaluate the best international marketing strategy for the target country: culture currency fluctuations, commercial issues, including but not limited to legal, accounting and trade union concerns.

Global Maintenance

Markets worldwide are subject to change. Once your plan is in place, we recommend quarterly or monthly checkpoints and updates.

Additional strategic services

Global Mediation
The world is (technologically) smaller, however more complex. This complexity may cause misunderstanding or miscommunication and ultimately lead to litigation. International brands may be at stake. Our network of reputable multi-lingual and multi- cultural legal experts assist you to resolve matters and avoid court conflicts.

Global Relocation Awareness and Expatriate Survival

There are many obstacles that expatriates encounter in their host countries. Surveys reveal that a four- year program may cost an employer well over five hundred thousand dollars.

With such an investment a comprehensive quality survival program that prepares a candidate for success is a must.

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