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The Holland America Chamber (HAC) is a private non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to continuing and further advancing over 200 years of uninterrupted trade relations between the Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) and the United States of America. The Holland America Chamber is a registered division of Exclusively European, Inc.

Through the efforts of our extensive network, we contribute to the development and improvement of economic, commercial and cultural relations impacting people and financial results between both nations.

Our offerings include dynamic keynote presentations and C-level seminars, networking opportunities, consulting and real estate services. The professional exchange and trade services all contribute to the Chamber's mission of fostering strong economic and cultural ties between Holland and America.

The HAC is not affiliated with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States located in New York City and or The Hague, (Den Haag) in the Netherlands. We are a for profit organization with multi-lingual staff, over 25 years of hands-on experience.  Management is Dutch born, fluent in 'Nederlands' with extensive comprehension of Dutch and American cultures.

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Holland America Chamber

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For additional information and questions about seminars, webinars, tranings please feel free to fill out our contact form.

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