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Readers of a blog that is written about the restoration of the American Dream deserve to know the writers idea of the American Dream, after all, rivers of ink have been spilled serving it, and many eloquent voices have described it.  At their heart has always been one ideal: possibility!

In 1776 it was the possibility, written by iron pen, that all men are created equal and that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights. It was the possibility that a government itself be derived from this principle.   Underappreciated in history are the religious, social, economical, moral, and political differences that thirteen colonies overcame in order to strike together and secure these rights against insurmountable odds. 

In 1863 it was the possibility that civil war not destroy our nation, but that slaves could act to secure their liberty and once again expand the domain of freedom.   Untold in books is that in the aftermath of war, the phrase “The United States are” only disappeared gradually until “The United States is” finally achieved preeminence in the early twentieth century. 

In 1932 it was the possibility that a man so debilitated by polio he could not stand without leg braces could call the nation to arms when 27.5 million Americans had no income, 1 million roamed the country as hobos, and men died in tin shanties known as “Hoovervilles.”  Under bold leadership congress gave up much of its own authority and social security, minimum wage, and insured bank savings became part of American life.

In 1963 it was the possibility that a reverend who endured the horror of racism could elevate the conscience of a nation.  It was the possibility that a man jailed 14 times could battle bigotry with inspired phrases instead of revenge and scraps of paper smuggled out prison cells instead of violence and win.  When Martin Luther King would receive the Nobel Prize for peace in 1964 he said “Right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.”

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