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Mini Pail + American Soil (*)

The most Valuable soil In the World - right under your feet!

Every single day, things we should appreciate are instead taken for granted, so as you open your bag of American soil, spare a moment and reflect upon the freedom and the promise within.

The roots of freedom lie in this soil, and they are intertwined with your promise and the roots of your dreams. In this soil America lives simultaneously past present and future, from the battles for independence to the struggles through a recession to the miracles that are sleeping inside of you.

This is the most valuable soil in the world!

(*) Only available at Local Events or in the MCP27 and MCP56



You are just three steps from (full)-filling your Mini American Dream Pail. Open the Pail, open the bag with real American Soil. Place soil into the Pail, place the Acorn inside and finally place the American Flag (toothpick) on top.

Please note:
The Pail should not be shipped without a sturdy cardboard box and appropriate packaging material. In case you are closing the pail, you will need to include a moisture controlling (mini) bag, to avoid for the Acorn and or Soil to start moulding or rotting.