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The Mini Care Package (M.C.P.) has a variety of Made in America products available. Presently you can order the MCP13, ($13.00) MCP27 ($27.00) or MCP56 ($56.00), and ship it to someone who needs some hope, inspiration, even love. Show you care and send a Mini Care Package today. Shipping and Handling is included in the price. Make sure to include the information of where you want the M.C.P. send to. (Billing Address and Shipping Address!)


Unless YOU are the one who wants to order the Mini Care Package to nourish your own soul. We understand :-) And, you are at the right place dealing with people who ALL care!

Mini Care Package MCP13


The Mini Care Package (M.C.P.13) includes the following:

Mini Pail:  (*) When it seems like you can't, smile and hold on to your mini pail.  It is the power of the American Dream in the palm of your hand.  On this soil a farmer became our first president.  On this soil George Washington, Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King dared to dream. 

Daily Dream Journal:  Write confidently.  Write positively.  Write daily.  Focus on gratitude and on the gifts that only you can bring to the world, then carry your words close to your heart.

Wooden Heart:  We can all use a little more heart.  This one is sanded smoothly and waiting to be painted, stained, or used in an arts and crafts project.

Constitution Booklet:  The ideals of the United States Constitution are universal.  Now you can learn fun facts about it and keep this seminal document in your pocket!

Blessing Coins:   Inspiring words on a handcrafted pewter ring.   Made in the USA from recycled material.  Perfect for a keychain or necklace.


(*) The Mini Pail is presently only available at local events and is included in the MCP27 and MCP56.