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What's Your Dream?

Here at Mini America we are thinking of you, and your miniature care package is our declaration that you are not alone.  When you feel that care has been misplaced in society or that we have lost track of what is important, we invite you to reach into your care package and realize that the future has always belonged to our dreamers, idealists, and passionate spirits.


We invite you to enjoy these mini gifts made by Americans for Americans, and to let yourself be moved to realize the true glory of red white and blue.  When you feel daunted or misplaced remember that this is still the soil where freedom was born, the words of our founding documents still approach the sublime, and the majority of us do still care. Our innovators will reach for the stars, our entrepreneurs will restore our economy, and our dreamers will repair the world.  What’s your dream?

Below you will see an introduction to the Mini Care Package, (M.C.P.) it is all about the American Dream. Visit Mini Products to see all the M.C.P.'s available. If you have any questions, e-mail or call 1-404-250-17091-404-250-1709. Thank you! 

The Mini Care Package (M.C.P.) is all about the American Dream. It provides, hope, motivation and inspiration. The selection of items inside the M.C.P. are carefully selected and we go through great lengths to make sure they are Made in America...! 


There are a number of M.C.P.'s available - MCP13, MCP27, MCP56 which reflects the price for the packages MCP13 is $ 13.00, MCP27 is $ 27.00 and MCP56 is $ 56.00. The exact contents is described in great detail on the Mini Product page.

Mini America Cares sources MADE IN AMERICA products. Here is an overview of items that we have identified. If you know of products Made in the USA that should be a part of the Mini Care Package or if you are a manufacturer please contact us immediately @ 1-404-250-1709 or



Care (and caring for each other) may be the most important word (and deed) for our (individual & collective) future...!

Now is a great time to show your family, friends, associates. colleagues or even a stranger how much you care, but most of all how you CARE about our great nation, the United States of America, as we promote and sell Made in the USA products!